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Interviewing Carolyn Haines
Interviews by Sharon Chance / August 19, 2010

I am incredibly honored to introduce you to Carolyn Haines – writer extraordinaire, animal lover, and a pretty good gal all around! Carolyn writes the Sarah Booth Delaney mystery series, and her latest book, BONE APPETIT, continues the adventures of a Southern gal who is tough as nails and smart to boot, and her haint, Jitty, the ghost from Sarah’s family past. Before she began her mystery writing career, Carolyn spent nearly a decade as a journalist, qualities that she brings to her lively who-dun-its now. Now residing in Alabama, where she lives on a farm with three horses, four dogs and five cats. Did I mention that she was an animal lover? Taking a break from a summer tour promoting her new book, Carolyn was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions. Sharon: At what age did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Carolyn: My parents were both journalists AND story tellers. I grew up in the perfect home for a would-be writer. Although the central focus was on facts and digging out the truth, writing of all types was valued in my home. Writing and reading. I published my first newspaper…

Interview with Corinne Demas
Jen's Jewels / August 19, 2010

As a writer, I am always looking for ways in which to fine-tune my craft. From professional groups such as Romance Writers of America (which I highly recommend) to educational seminars that teach how to avoid common first-time writing blunders, there are myriads of lessons to be learned, and there is always room for improvement. Not only is having the right tools an essential part of the process, but also having the desire to succeed is critical to a writer’s success. This month’s Corinne Demas touches upon this very topic in her latest release THE WRITING CIRCLE. It’s a fascinating story about a group of eclectic writers who come together on a literary journey like none other. From their diverse viewpoints comes a unique story with an unexpected twist. Emotional yet engaging, this novel is a must- read for every person who has ever contemplated becoming a writer. As part of this interview, Hyperion Voice has generously donated five copies for you, my favorite readers, to try to win. So, don’t forget to look for the trivia question at the end. I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer. Happy Reading! Jen: The path to publication a writer…

Fresh Pick | FORTUNATE HARBOR by Emilie Richards
Fresh Pick / August 19, 2010

Happiness Key July 2010 On Sale: June 29, 2010 Featuring: Janya Kapur; Tracy Deloche; Wanda Gray 400 pages ISBN: 0778327701 EAN: 9780778327707 Paperback $13.95 Add to Wish List Women’s Fiction Buy at Fortunate Harbor by Emilie Richards When you’ve got friends, anything is possible Join five women connected only by their growing friendship and the road that runs like a lifeline between their cottages in a run-down Florida development called Happiness Key. Tracy Deloche finally gets a chance to swap business for a romantic evening with Marsh Egan, but dinner goes cold when she spots her ex-husband prowling outside her cottage. CJ is supposed to be in prison and out of her life for good. Exactly what is this modern-day pirate seeking and what will it mean for Tracy’s future? Janya Kapur envies every pregnant woman she sees, but Rishi, her husband, is suddenly reluctant to talk about children. Is he disappointed in her inability to conceive? Their marriage was a contract between strangers. Can they ever hope for anything more? Waitress Wanda Gray loses her job after new owners turn the Dancing Shrimp into a tapas bar. Wise neighbor Alice Brooks‘s suggestion that Wanda start her own business…

Tweets on 2010-08-19
Guests / August 19, 2010

Fresh Pick is PROMISES TO KEEP by Jane Green # Winston is helping to set up for tonight's DFWTea book club. He's got his seat ready # @SummerSharp you know that is SO Winston. He's starting a stash under the dining room table in case by miracle he's allowed to stay for BC in reply to SummerSharp # @SusanVLewis trust me, Winston knows and loves the book club ladies but he's not allowed out until 9pm Some still save food for him. LOL in reply to SusanVLewis # Powered by Twitter Tools

JANE MARIE MALCOLM |Novel Advice For Men
Author Guest / August 19, 2010

Calling all wanna-be studs! Have you overheard your significant other say this? “My man is great, but he would be the whole package if only he were more romantic.&mquot; What do you do? Hang your head in shame or beat your chest to prove your prowess? Do you buy a bottle of wine and grill her a lean piece of meat? Maybe pick up a bouquet of flowers in the grocery store? . That’s all well and good, big spender. But I, Gracious Jane Marie, author of historic romantic suspense, have discovered the perfect game plan for growing your romantic muscles. It requires only a pair of eyes, a sports magazine and a paperback romance novel to tuck inside it! Romance novels are the encyclopedia of love. Here you will learn what women want and how to give it to them: a tender word when all seems lost, a nuzzle to comfort a broken heart, perhaps a clever line with which to tease and flirt. So long as she hasn’t read the same book, you’re set. On the other side of the bed, as it were, if your guy imagines himself too macho to actually go to the store and…