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Fresh Pick | DEAD HEAD by Rosemary Harris
Fresh Pick / September 3, 2010

Dirty Business #3 April 2010 On Sale: April 13, 2010 Featuring: Paula Holliday 256 pages ISBN: 0312569947 EAN: 9780312569945 Hardcover $24.99 Add to Wish List Mystery Cozy Buy at Dead Head by Rosemary Harris When Paula Holliday learns that one of her new friends is actually a fugitive who’s been on the run for years, she’s hired to find the person who outed the woman and in doing so finds that a lot of people are not always who they seem to be. The third entry in the suburban noir series which Carolyn Hart called “quirky, original and captivating” and the Connecticut Post called “a sophisticated mix of comedy, romance and murder.” Excerpt “It’s a false lamium,” I said. Babe Chinnery folded her muscular arms, appraised the plant, and said simply, “If it’s not a lamium, why in hell do you keep calling it one?” “Things aren’t always what they seem to be.” “Thank you, Yoda.” The woman had a good point. She usually did. Despite the rock ’n’ roll outts, the hair color that changed with the New England seasons, and the boyfriend twenty years her junior, Babe had more common sense than most of the people I…