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Fresh Pick | DESPERATE CHOICES by Kathy Ivan
Fresh Pick / October 5, 2010

October 2010 On Sale: September 27, 2010 Featuring: Theresa Crawford; Max Lamoreaux; Tommy Saunders 230 pages ISBN: 1426890613 EAN: 9781426890611 e-Book $4.99 Add to Wish List Romance Suspense Buy at Desperate Choices by Kathy Ivan When psychic Theresa Crawford’s former beau walks into her New Orleans New Age shop, she senses trouble. Big trouble. Max Lamoreaux hasn’t come to discuss their relationship—the private investigator is on a case, and he needs Theresa’s help. Max’s godson is missing. The police have declared Tommy a runaway, but Max’s gut tells him otherwise. While he’s highly skeptical of Theresa’s abilities, her visions provide the only clue as to who’s taken Tommy. The longer Max works with Theresa, the harder it is to resist his desire for the sexy woman. As they inch closer to finding Tommy, Max and Theresa also discover that time hasn’t diminished their powerful attraction. But Theresa harbors her own dark secrets from her past. Secrets that broke them up before–and could drive them apart again, unless Theresa can learn to trust Max with everything . . . Excerpt Behind the wheel of the car, Max angled his head and watched Theresa. She sat silent and unmoving, just as…

Em Petrova | Meet Evangeline Mayer, Heroine of Runes
Author Guest / October 5, 2010

Evangeline Mayer is a songwriter, former party girl, newly Made immortal, and woman in love. In love with two men, that is. Many people believe you can only love one person at a time, but with this much testosterone and rippling abs so near, how could she resist? Her longtime mortal boyfriend Sean Livingston is ruggedly handsome with a protective nature. He’s a kick-ass martial artist and the deejay every woman in the club wants to sink her nails into. He’s a family man and longs for a commitment with Evangeline, but he’s willing to take it slow for her. And the fact that he can make a mean cup of coffee doesn’t hurt. Evangeline’s immortal mate Will Cochran’s chocolate brown eyes are yummier than cake batter, and his absolute devotion to making her happy is the icing in the bowl. Beneath his cool demeanor lies a man who’s passionate about all things Jim Morrison and hitting the powdery slopes. And with a direct link to Evangeline’s mind, he knows exactly what pleasures drive her over the edge. With needs as big as hers, she needs two alpha males to satisfy her. If you could choose two mates, what traits…

Marilyn Brant | Do You Want To Know A Secret
Author Guest / October 5, 2010

It’s such a pleasure to guest blog here at Fresh Fiction today! Thanks so much to everyone for having me. As an author of contemporary women’s fiction, I think the most intriguing &mquot;what ifs&mquot; in writing a new story have to do with delving into the hearts and minds of the women who’ve embarked on a big emotional journey, particularly when that journey makes them rethink their past and re-imagine their future: In some cases—as in the still untitled book I have coming out next fall—the journey is a literal adventure. My heroine gets a month-long European vacation as her 30th birthday present from her eccentric aunt and heads overseas for a summer of new experiences…and some romance! But it’s also an internal voyage, requiring a dive deep into the well of her passions and her fears. In my debut novel, ACCORDING TO JANE, it took my heroine two decades to resolve one important thread on her path toward greater self understanding. Even with the assistance of the spirit of Jane Austen, whose ghost whispered dating advice only she could hear, my heroine still needed to learn to listen to the voice of her own heart before she could come…