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Fresh Pick | THE BRUTAL TELLING by Louise Penny
Fresh Pick / October 10, 2010

Three Pines #5 October 2009 On Sale: October 13, 2009 384 pages ISBN: 0312377037 EAN: 9780312377038 Hardcover $24.99 Add to Wish List Fiction Buy at A 2010 Anthony Nominee for Best Novel The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny Chaos is coming, old son. With those words the peace of Three Pines is shattered. As families prepare to head back to the city and children say goodbye to summer, a stranger is found murdered in the village bistro and antiques store. Once again, Chief Inspector Gamache and his team are called in to strip back layers of lies, exposing both treasures and rancid secrets buried in the wilderness. No one admits to knowing the murdered man, but as secrets are revealed, chaos begins to close in on the beloved bistro owner, Olivier. How did he make such a spectacular success of his business? What past did he leave behind and why has he buried himself in this tiny village? And why does every lead in the investigation find its way back to him? As Olivier grows more frantic, a trail of clues and treasures— from first editions of Charlotte’s Web and Jane Eyre to a spider web with the word…

Eden Elgabri | Who is YOUR Dream Man?
Author Guest / October 10, 2010

There are times when I feel like I could never be lonely. There are too many people running around in my head. I often thought they were compensation for being shy. I might not have always had the courage to jump in a conversation with a bunch of people I didn’t know, but I could sit back and create very exciting scenarios in my head. Many times I’d be walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant and I’d see a man or a woman that would instantly become a new character. Sometimes a single expression would be the start of a great adventure even if it never made it to the page. With my new release, SAZERAC SEDUCTION from, the character seduced me with the sound of his voice. I heard him. The deep rich Cajun dialect whispered directly into my head causing me to shiver. I shut my eyes and let him in, let the sound envelope me like a blanket on a cold winter day. How could I not write his story? And of course with a sexy voice like that I had to give him a face and body to match. Remy is sex…