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Fresh Pick | A TRACE OF SMOKE by Rebecca Cantrell
Fresh Pick / October 14, 2010

Hannah Vogel #1 May 2009 On Sale: May 12, 2009 Featuring: Hannah Vogel 304 pages ISBN: 0765320444 EAN: 9780765320445 Hardcover $24.95 Add to Wish List Mystery Woman Sleuth Buy at A 2010 Barry Award Nominee for Best First Novel. The Barry and Macavity Awards will be announced at the opening ceremonies of Bouchercon 2010 in San Francisco. A Trace Of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell Even though hardened crime reporter Hannah Vogel knows all too well how tough it is to survive in 1931 Berlin, she is devastated when she sees a photograph of her brother’s body posted in the Hall of the Unnamed Dead. Ernst, a cross-dressing lounge singer at a seedy nightclub, had many secrets, a never-ending list of lovers, and plenty of opportunities to get into trouble. Hannah delves into the city’s dark underbelly to flush out his murderer, but the late night arrival of a five-year-old orphan on her doorstep complicates matters. The endearing Anton claims that Hannah is his mother… and that her dead brother Ernst is his father. As her investigations into Ernst’s murder and Anton’s parentage uncover political intrigue and sex scandals in the top ranks of the rising Nazi party, Hannah fears…

Nancy J. Cohen | Villains
Author Guest / October 14, 2010

In attending various writing workshops, I’ve picked up the following tips for creating villains: 1. Give the villain his own GMC, i.e. goal, motivation, & conflict. 2. Allow him to care about something to show his humanity. 3. Have a “good” villain as well as a “bad” villain, i.e. an official who obstructs the hero’s efforts. 4. The stronger the villain, the more stalwart the hero must be to defeat him. 5. The villain may have a twisted view of the universe. In other words, he doesn’t see himself as being evil. Here are some handy motives for your bad guy: 1. Protection of a Loved One 2. Fear of Discovery 3. Jealousy 4. Envy 5. Savior, i.e. it’s his calling to punish the sinners or save his species from annihilation 6. Greed 7. Power 8. Revenge Sometimes we can mix and match these negative motivators. In my current paranormal WIP, I have a female villain who justifies her actions in torturing humans because the survival of her species is at stake. However, she’s ambitious and resentful that women don’t have authoritative roles in her society. So she stoops to murder to climb to a position of power. The worse…