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Fresh Pick | BLOOD OF THE PRODIGAL by P. L. Gaus
Fresh Pick / October 20, 2010

Ohio-Country Mystery #1 October 2010 On Sale: September 28, 2010 Featuring: Bishop Eli Miller; Pastor Caleb Troyer; Michael Brandon 256 pages ISBN: 0452296463 EAN: 9780452296466 Paperback (reprint) $13.00 Add to Wish List Mystery Amateur Sleuth, Inspirational Fiction Amish Buy at Blood Of The Prodigal by P. L. Gaus From the tranquil farmlands of Holmes County’s Amish countryside to the choppy waters off Lake Erie’s Middle Bass Island, mystery and foreboding lurk under layers of tradition and repression before boiling to the surface with tragic consequences. Set authentically among the Old Order Amish of Holmes County, Ohio – home to the largest Amish and Mennonite settlements in the world – Blood of the Prodigal offers readers a growing understanding of Amish ways. For Jonah Miller, shunned by his Old Order sect and cast into the wider world, the summer begins with his decision to kidnap his ten-year-old son from the home of the bishop who had exiled Miller a decade earlier. In his desperation to retrieve the boy, the bishop appeals for help to the only “English” men the sect would ever approve. Professor Michael Branden and Pastor Caleb Troyer had been looking forward to the kind of sleepy rural…

Shana Galen | The Making of the Music in The Making of a Gentleman
Author Guest / October 20, 2010

The old adage write what you know never made sense to me. I like to write books about Regency England, England in the early nineteenth century. I love to describe ladies dripping with jewels and garbed in satin gowns with embellished slippers, gentlemen in cravats and tail coats, and the sound of a coach and four as it clops and jingles past couples strolling along Picadilly. I’ve never been to Regency England, and even if they invented a time machine, I’m not sure I would go. I do have a fondness for indoor plumbing! I’ve never worn a ball gown or met a man in a cravat and Wellington boots (although I’d like to!). Obviously, I don’t know Regency England, not first-hand anyway. But I do know something about falling in love. I’ve been married for four and a half years to a wonderful man (even if he doesn’t wear a cravat). And I know something about being nervous before entering a party, losing someone I love, and having to start over. My heroine, Felicity Bennett, has all of these experiences. Felicity and I share something else as well—a love of music. I started taking piano lessons in first grade….