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Fresh Pick | WORTH DYING FOR by Lee Child
Fresh Pick / December 15, 2010

Jack Reacher #15 October 2010 On Sale: October 19, 2010 400 pages ISBN: 0385344317 EAN: 9780385344319 Hardcover $28.00 Add to Wish List Thriller, Suspense Spy Buy at Worth Dying For by Lee Child “Jack Reacher is the coolest continuing series character now on offer.”—Stephen King, in Entertainment Weekly #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child follows the electrifying 61 Hours with his latest Reacher thriller—a story that hits the ground running and then accelerates all the way to a colossal showdown. There’s deadly trouble in the corn country of Nebraska . . . and Jack Reacher walks right into it. First he falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire county into submission. But it’s the unsolved case of a missing child, already decades-old, that Reacher can’t let go. The Duncans want Reacher gone—and it’s not just past secrets they’re trying to hide. They’re awaiting a secret shipment that’s already late—and they have the kind of customers no one can afford to annoy. For as dangerous as the Duncans are, they’re just the bottom of a criminal food chain stretching halfway around the world. For Reacher, it would have made much more sense…

Terry Spear | Fresh is the Name of the Game!
Author Guest / December 15, 2010

When writing a series, fresh is definitely the name of the game! WOLF FEVER has just been released so for the blog tour, that’s my focus. But at the same time, HEART OF THE HIGHLAND WOLF is up on Amazon for pre-orders (book 7) and I’m waiting approval for DREAMING OF THE WOLF (book 8), plus I’m working on book 9 right now, THE WOLF AND THE SEAL. While I’m writing all these books, I continually think about how each can be a really different story so that readers hopefully won’t be shaking their heads and saying: same story, changed character names, but nothing new and different. As an author of a series, we have to really strive to make each of them unique. In the making of WOLF FEVER, I wanted to write Carol’s story since so many fans loved her in DESTINY OF THE WOLF and asked to see more of her. She’s strong and courageous and sensitive—trying to save others at risk to herself. And smart and determined, too, as a nurse who won’t back down to anyone. She’s caught the eye of a gray wolf leader, Chester Ryan McKinley, from another Colorado town. Now he says…