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Fresh Pick | VAMPIRE MISTRESS by Joey W. Hill
Fresh Pick / December 30, 2010

Vampire Queen #5 May 2010 On Sale: May 4, 2010 Featuring: Anwyn Naime; Gideon Green 400 pages ISBN: 0425234185 EAN: 9780425234181 Trade Size $15.00 Add to Wish List Erotica Paranormal Buy at A 2010 Fresh Fiction Favorite Read. Vampire Mistress by Joey W. Hill Sometimes desire can work three ways… The fifth book in the sensational series of \”sizzling paranormal erotica.\” (Fresh Fiction) Joey W. Hill returns to the dark and seductive landscape of her Vampire Queen novels as a desperate woman named Anwyn finds herself trapped between the desires of two men, each with his own mission of the night: vampire hunter Gideon Green and vampire Daegan Rei. But when Anwyn is attacked by a rogue bloodsucker, Gideon and Daegan must become allies in order to save the woman they both love. Will the Vampire Hunter ever be able to find peace and accept his future? Excerpt Anwyn stood in the security room, her eyes trained on the surveillance screen for the Queen’s Chamber. With the high canopy bed, lush draperies, and polished restraint systems, it was one of her favorite rooms. The stainless steel and gleaming wood instruments of pleasure and torture had been rendered by quality…

Lindsay McKenna | Top Tips For Successful Writers
Author Guest / December 30, 2010

This blog is for those of you who want to write, are struggling to write and who want to publish. My latest book, DEADLY IDENTITY, HQN, December 2010 is out. It is book #2 of the my next saga-series, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When I turn around and look at my zig-zag path to publishing, then I feel anyone can do it. I’d like to share some tips with you that may support your dream of writing a book. For five years I taught at Kent State University and Akron University, Ohio in their adult education programs. I offered classes in Fiction Writing, Nonfiction Writing and Manuscript Evaluation. My classes were always packed to the gum stumps with a maximum of thirty students. My first rule for them was: one did not pass through the door to my class the following week unless they had ten pages of fresh (not edited or revised) writing material. I told them if they didn’t think if they could meet my requirement, to get their money refunded and don’t bother coming back for class number two. I created Writing Boot camp. It wasn’t for sissies. It was for people who had a dream deep in…