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Fresh Pick | FALLING HOME by Karen White
Fresh Pick / December 31, 2010

November 2010 On Sale: November 2, 2010 352 pages ISBN: 0451231449 EAN: 9780451231444 Trade Size $15.00 Add to Wish List Fiction Buy at A Fresh Fiction 2010 Favorite Read. “as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot Georgia afternoon.” Falling Home by Karen White You know that saying about how sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug? It’s true. Take me, for example. I shook the Georgia dust from my feet fifteen years ago, vowing never to leave Manhattan. I traded sweet tea for Chardonnay, fried chicken for nouvelle cuisine, lazy days on my aunt’s front porch for ad campaigns and board meetings, and the guy who broke my heart for my handsome boss, who soon became my fiance. Perfect, right? Until my sister called. We haven’t spoken since I left home–because she married the guy who broke my heart. What’s more, she called to say my father is dying–but he refuses to finish until I show up. So I’m back in the hottest, dinkiest small town in Georgia, facing my sister and my old boyfriend over the heads of their–count them– five children. It couldn’t get weirder, right? Unless you count Sam Parker–a long-forgotten classmate,…

Sara Reyes | HAPPY New Year
Author Guest , Saturdays with Sara / December 31, 2010

As I write this 2011 has already been spotted for some of our friends in the Pacific Rim and is slowly methodically working its way across the planet. So Happy New Year to all! At the end of the year, I usually reflect on the good things of the past year and look forward to even better opportunities and life ahead. What’s past is past and the future is bright and shiny, a silver ball. Yesterday I spent looking at some of my books, because I’ve also decided I really need to be honest and clean out some of the ones I’ll never read again or that have no specific meaning in my life. Not being cruel just realistic that even with more bookcases I am NOT going to be able to keep every book. It’s a sad decision but one that had to be made. However in my throes of feeling strong about eliminating “clutter” I came across some of my collection of Georgette Heyer books. Not the popular ones that are reissued over and over but the medieval ones like THE CONQUEROR and SIMON THE COLDHEARTED. Wow, these were old ex-library books I’d collected, printed over 50 years…