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Fresh Pick | SONG OF THE ROAD by Dorothy Garlock
Fresh Pick / April 5, 2011

Route 66 – book 3  December 2004 Featuring: Jake Ramero; Mary Lee Clawson 416 pages ISBN: 0446611700 EAN: 9780446611701 Paperback (reprint) $6.99 Add to Wish List Women’s Fiction, Romance Historical Buy at Because the Fresh Fiction team is traveling the “Mother Road” from Texas to California, this is a perfect book for us and one of our favorites. Available in nook and Kindle. Song of the Road by Dorothy Garlock More than a motor court on Route 66, a story of second chances By 1935, countless vehicles had traversed Route 66, their hum creating a uniquely American song. Most were heading west-but roads go in two directions, and in Dorothy Garlock’s riveting third novel featuring Route 66, the fabled highway is one that leads home. SONG OF THE ROAD It’s just a string of rundown cabins on a stretch of New Mexico highway. But returning to Cross Roads widowed, broke, and pregnant, Mary Lee Clawson knows her dad’s motor court is a godsend. With steely resolve, she sets out to rebuild the failing business and discovers she has to fight more than foreclosure. There’s her mother, Dolly–disinherited, angry, and whiskey-soaked–not to mention her disreputable friends. Still, Mary Lee wins…

Diane Whiteside | What Does He Look Like?
Author Guest / April 5, 2011

Readers always ask me what my book’s hero looks like.  I’m lucky enough to almost always have an answer for them, even if I don’t know how I got it.  Sometimes I “see” the hero’s face and sometimes I know how he moves.  But sometimes he reveals himself piecemeal – and only after I’ve started working on his story.  (The rat!) That’s the way Jake Hammond, the hero of THE SHADOW GUARD, told me about himself.  Astrid and his story rumbled around in my head for years before I could write it.  I knew all sorts of personal stuff about him – his blind dedication to being a cop, his love for his family and hometown, his fumbling inability to form a long-term relationship with women, you name it. But could I have recognized him on the street?  Not a chance. That’s very painful for a romance author who has to write scenes from her heroine’s point of view.  What kind of guy makes her swoon?  Tall and dark, with six-pack abs the envy of everybody else in the gym?  Blond and handsome, chased by women of all ages?  I had no idea because neither of them would tell me….