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Fresh Pick | CALIFORNIA GIRL by Patricia Rice
Fresh Pick / April 8, 2011

December 2004 On Sale: April 8, 2011 Featuring: Elliot Ross; Alys Seagraves 368 pages ISBN: 0804119848 EAN: 9780804119849 Paperback (reprint) $6.99  Add to Wish List Romance Contemporary Buy at A Route 66 classic romance re-issued in e-format California Girl by Patricia Rice released as eBook for Kindle and nook 1/11 Free spirit Alys Seagraves and her elderly, eccentric friend Mame are about to embark upon an epic road trip along historic Route 66 when Mame suffers a medical setback that throws a wrench into their plans. Never the willing patient, Mame sneaks out of the hospital, determined to go it alone as she relives the memories of her honeymoon along the famous highway. Now Alys has to trail the spunky senior westward and bring her back to reality. Yet Alys isn’t alone. Mame’s nephew Elliot Ross, a very sexy but very serious doctor, is sharing the driving duties. Elliot has a voice like velvet and eyes to match. The impromptu couple will be spending many hours together in an aging pink Cadillac-and the sparks are destined to fly. After retracing the romantic path that Mame and her late husband followed long ago, Alys and Elliot will discover on the…

Author Guest / April 8, 2011

I grew up loving science fiction.  My earliest sci-fi memory is of my dad coming home one rainy day and, with all the furtiveness of a spy, closing the shutters and hunkering down in front of the television to present my brother and me with his valuable prize: a bootlegged videocassette of Star Wars.  This was way back in the late ‘70s, when Star Wars mania gripped the world.  I don’t remember ever seeing the first film in the theater, but I do remember watching that video tape over and over again.  I think my brother and I saw it almost fifty times—maybe more.  We knew every line, and quoted them back to each other endlessly, much to our parents’ dismay. That bootlegged copy of Star Wars began a lifelong love of sci-fi that’s with me to this day.  Of course, Star Wars was always my first love.*  I remember lining up around the block to see The Empire Strikes Back, and how the audience clapped when C3-PO and R2-D2 appeared at the beginning of Return of the Jedi.  I thought Luke was a dork, and Han Solo indescribably cool.  And Princess Leia was not only a take-charge woman, but…