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Tracy Wolff | Spring Is In The Air
Author Guest / April 22, 2011

I love spring, love everything about spring.  The warm, steady rain, the temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold (which in Texas is really saying something), the flowers that seem to pop up everywhere and the birds that sing outside my window while I work. I love taking my boys to the park and playing basketball or football or simply watching as they swing and climb and generally act like the sweet, funny, slightly insane children that they are.  I love the fresh fruit that has suddenly come back into season—and working in the kitchen with my boys to turn it into fun desserts.  I love walking in the rain with my youngest son and working in the garden (or what we hope will one day be a garden, LOL) with my husband. I love daylight savings time and the long, lingering afternoons where I can sit by the window and write or go for a long walk and admire the way everything is blooming, coming back to life after the long, dormant winter. And this spring, particularly, I love all the fun things that are happening to me career-wise—in April and May, I have three books out…