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Fresh Pick | KISS ME, KILL ME by Allison Brennan
Fresh Pick / July 6, 2011

Lucy Kincaid #2 March 2011 On Sale: February 22, 2011 Featuring: Sean Rogan; Lucy Kincaid 416 pages ISBN: 0345511697 EAN: 9780345511690 Mass Market Paperback $7.99  Add to Wish List Romance Suspense Buy at Kiss Me, Kill Me by Allison Brennan A Novel of Suspense Lucy Kincaid has firsthand experience dealing with deadly criminal predators, and she’s fully prepared to share her many talents with the FBI. But when her career plans are derailed, her boyfriend, security expert Sean Rogan, asks for help on his latest private investigation. Using well-honed cyber-hunting skills, Lucy and Sean are soon on the trail of a missing teenage girl with a penchant for disappearing-and a shocking secret life. FBI Agent Suzanne Madeaux is also tracking someone: a serial killer on the loose in New York City. Dubbed by the press the Cinderella Strangler, he cruises seamy underground sex parties, where drug-fueled women make for easy pickings. As Lucy and Sean’s desperate search collides with the FBI’s hunt, Lucy isn’t about to step aside. Haunted by painful memories of her own harrowing encounters with evil, she’s determined to prevent any more innocents from meeting the fate she so narrowly escaped. Delving deep into the twisted…

Donna Fletcher | Is it a Myth or a Curse?
Author Guest / July 6, 2011

Myths, curses, and legends have always fascinated me. Could some actually have been based on truths or were most simply figments of the imagination? Naturally, my interest had me researching which led me to Joseph’s Campbell’s book THE POWER OF THE MYTH. Once I read it, my own imagination took flight. I had been searching for a special heroine for Reeve MacAlpin the hero in my current book LOVED BY A WARRIOR. It’s the second book in my four book Warrior King series, BOUND TO A WARRIOR being the first. I got the story arc for the series just as I was finishing up the Sinclare brothers’ series. The four MacAlpin brothers are on a mission to see that the true king of Scotland claims the throne, one of them being the true king. They each pledge not to fall in love until their mission is complete. Naturally, that doesn’t happen. Love decides to find them whether they want it to or not. I needed not only unique heroines for each brother, but extraordinary ways to bring the couples together. Duncan, the hero in BOUND TO A WARRIOR found himself chained to the heroine in the first half of the…