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Brooke Moss | Roll The Inspiration Dice
Author Guest / July 16, 2011

Thanks for inviting me to guest blog here at Fresh Fiction, I am so thrilled to be here! I decided to talk about my inspiration today. Where does it come from? When does inspiration hit me? I tell ya, it’s a lot simpler than people think. I tend to creep people out. I don’t set out to do it, and I certainly don’t mean to come across as creepy…but I think I do. You see, I have this fascination with asking people inappropriate details about their relationships. Where did they meet? How did they know their significant other was “the one”? What was their first kiss like? What was their first time like? Where was the craziest place they were hit by the mood? My close friends know to expect these kinds of questions from me, but newer acquaintances are usually put off by my strange curiosity. It usually leads people to believe that I am a strange, mildly perverted woman with no life. And, well, the strange and no life part are correct. But perverted? No! I’m just a writer. You see, as an author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction, I seek out little romantic details in everyday…