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Stephanie Rowe | Top 10 Reasons to Fall In Love with Jarvis Swain
Author Guest / July 21, 2011

Top Ten Reasons why readers will fall in love with Jarvis Swain, the hero of TOUCH IF YOU DARE. 10) He wears leather & carries a sword. A black leather jacket stretched across broad shoulders, worn from years and years of battle, his scent tangled deep inside those soft fibers, mixed with the smell of leather and soap. His hand fisted around the hand of a jeweled sword with a deadly blade. That flexed forearm as he readies the weapon. The creak of the leather as he raises his arm to defend the woman he loves…Um, yeah. Leather and sword. Always a good thing. 9) He’s the Guardian of Hate. Think of this way: this immortal warrior is keeping the most awful, most destructive emotion in the world bottled up inside him to protect all of humanity from it. It’s been eating away at him for 150 years, and eventually it will destroy him, and yet he will give his soul and his life for his duty. 8) He’s loyal to his team. You gotta love a man who will sacrifice himself for his teammates. Through torture, through death, through all the worst that life has to offer, it’s an…