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Stephanie Julian | Juggling Balls and Carpet Sweeping
Author Guest / July 28, 2011

When I first started writing towards publication, I had two sons under the age of three. During the day, I was working as a freelance feature writer for a local newspaper but at night, while my husband worked the nightshift at the same paper, I would write. My oldest would go to bed at 8 but my youngest wasn’t as predictable. I can remember nights sitting at my computer, rocking my youngest to sleep in his carrier with my foot while I typed as quietly as I could. As my sons got older and went school, my writing time expanded. But since I was still writing for the newspaper, I had to learn how to hit all my deadlines without going crazy. If you would see my desk, you’d know I’m not an organized person (my husband is laughing hysterically at my understatement).  But I’ve had to learn how to juggle multiple assignments, including book deadlines and newspaper deadlines. When my guys were younger and my husband still worked every night, I would lug my trusty battered IBM Thinkpad to soccer practice, baseball games, basketball practice, swim meets and karate lessons. I could write surrounded by screaming kids at the…