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Fresh Pick | THE ART OF FORGETTING by Camille Noe Pagan
Fresh Pick / September 1, 2011

June 2011 On Sale: June 9, 2011 Featuring: Marissa Rogers; Julia Ferrar 304 pages ISBN: 0525952195 EAN: 9780525952190 Hardcover $25.95  Add to Wish List Fiction, Contemporary Women’s FictionBuy at Sometimes you want a book that makes you think… The Art Of Forgetting by Camille Noe Pagan A moving and wry debut novel that poses an intriguing question: Is your best friend still your best friend if she becomes another person? A moving and insightful debut novel of great friendship interrupted. Can the relationship survive when the memories are gone? Marissa Rogers never wanted to be an alpha; beta suited her just fine. Taking charge without taking credit had always paid off: vaulting her to senior editor at a glossy magazine; keeping the peace with her critical, weight-obsessed mother; and enjoying the benefits of being best friends with gorgeous, charismatic, absolutely alpha Julia Ferrar. And then Julia gets hit by a cab. She survives with minor obvious injuries, but brain damage steals her memory and alters her personality, possibly forever. Suddenly, Marissa is thrown into the role of alpha friend. As Julia struggles to regain her memory- dredging up issues Marissa would rather forget, including the fact that Julia asked…

Carly Phillips | Heroes
Author Guest / September 1, 2011

The Serendipity series is small town driven.  The town of Serendipity in upstate New York is a fictional place filled with fascinating people, beginning with the Barron brothers, Ethan, Nash and Dare (oldest to youngest). In the Romance genre, we tend to talk about heroes in terms of type: Alpha – the strong, silent, take no prisoners, it’s my way kind of guy. Beta – the nice guy hero who doesn’t mind doing the chasing, the romancing, in southern terms, the wooing. Gamma – a rather new construct that mixes both. But at the heart of the matter, each hero is meant for one woman only and only she can capture his, up until now, elusive heart. I have never given too much thought to where my heroes fit in mostly because I write them from the heart and they are who they are.  In SERENDIPITY, however, Ethan was supposed to be the ultimate Alpha hero – and then he met (or should I say re-met) Faith – and everything about him changed for me.  She IS his heart and I think that made him more of a Gamma hero than anything else.  That said, he’s probably the most Alpha…