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Fresh Pick / September 4, 2011

Barbecue Bible May 2006 On Sale: September 3, 2011 320 pages ISBN: 0761119795 EAN: 9780761119791 Paperback $12.95  Add to Wish List CookbooksBuy at Best outdoor prep for a holiday weekend with a cookout! Barbeque Bible: Sauces, Rubs and Marinades, Bastes, Butters, and Glazes by Steven Raichlen Best Compilation of Barbeque Techniques and Recipes The New Yorker said it best: \”For aspiring gourmets of the grill, there is only one book: The Barbecue! Bible.\” An IACP/Julia Child Cookbook Award-winner with over 210,000 copies in print, The Barbecue! Bible is Steven Raichlen\’s highly successful, far-reaching version of Grilling 101. Well, now comes Grilling 201-the grilling guru’s seminar in the flavor boosters, dry and wet, that give grilled food its character, personality, and soul. Echoing the master book in its energetic design and in-depth perspective, Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades presents over 200 recipes for global flavoring techniques. There are rubs and spice mixes: Memphis Rub, Chesapeake Fish Powder, Santa Fe Spice Mix, Bombay Blast, Powdered Hellfire. Marinades and spice pastes: Moroccan Charmoula, Gaucho Beef Marinade, Thai Lemon Chili Marinade, Yucatan Black Recado. Plus sauces and salsas, mops, bastes, and butters, ketchups, mustards, chutneys, and relishes. The author gives a quick overview…

Katherine Stone | Favorites and Giveaway
Author Guest / September 4, 2011

Whenever I’m asked what’s your favorite food, season, book, quote, whatever, I feel that pressure of “Oh, dear, I need to really think about this and get it right.” (Spoiler alert, or, actually, in the interest of full disclosure: I’m a firstborn child and a Virgo, which means I have double scoops of such unappealing—but ultimately very productive—traits like always feeling compelled to get things as right, as best, as I possibly can.) Then I remember, “Wait a minute, there’s no rule that you must have only one favorite. You can have lots! So just pick the first that comes to mind.” I hope you all, we all, have lots and lots of favorites of everything. Here’s what I love about taking a look at favorite things: the remembering, and celebrating, why they are such favorites…the emotions, memories, and happiness they evoke. For example, one of my (many!) favorite ice creams is peppermint candy topped with peanuts or cashews and smothered in chocolate sauce. There’s an obvious reason why I like this. It’s so good. For me, the combination of virtually any nut with any chocolate is a winner. But as I search for what this lovely indulgence evokes, it’s…