Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Fresh Pick / October 6, 2011

July 2011 On Sale: June 21, 2011 560 pages ISBN: 0062059882 EAN: 9780062059888 Hardcover $26.99  Add to Wish List Fantasy Buy at A sort of dystopian world called America… American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman First published in 2001, American Gods became an instant classic—an intellectual and artistic benchmark from the multiple-award-winning master of innovative fiction, Neil Gaiman. Now discover the mystery and magic of American Gods in this tenth anniversary edition. Newly updated and expanded with the author’s preferred text, this commemorative volume is a true celebration of a modern masterpiece by the one, the only, Neil Gaiman. A storm is coming . . . Locked behind bars for three years, Shadow did his time, quietly waiting for the magic day when he could return to Eagle Point, Indiana. A man no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, all he wanted was to be with Laura, the wife he deeply loved, and start a new life. But just days before his release, Laura and Shadow’s best friend are killed in an accident. With his life in pieces and nothing to keep him tethered, Shadow accepts a job from a beguiling stranger he meets on…

Fresh Thrills | It’s all about the suspense in October
Author Guest , Fresh Thrills / October 6, 2011

Find a spot under a tree or spread out a blanket and enjoy the cool weather while you read some new romantic suspense. Lots of great stories to choose from this month. BLOOD TRAILS, book 3 in Sharon Sala’s The Searchers series, is the conclusion to the trilogy featuring three sisters looking for the truth about their pasts. Holly Slade has discovered that her biological father was likely a serial killer known as “The Hunter,” and that her mother gave up Holly to save her life. But The Hunter was never caught—and Holly’s mother simply vanished. Holly leaves home to uncover the truth, leaving behind Bud Tate, family friend, ranch foreman, and the man Holly has secretly loved for years. Holly hasn’t been gone long when the danger leads Bud to follow her in order to protect woman he has secretly loved for years. This book was a great conclusion to an exciting series. Since Bud and Holly have known each other for years, the romantic element is fairly light. The strength of the story is the suspense and danger that builds as Holly conducts her investigation. I’ve just started reading Christy Reece’s Last Chance Rescue series (I’m on book…

Shona Husk | The Making of THE GOBLIN KING
Author Guest / October 6, 2011

I often get asked where my ideas come from. For me a story idea doesn’t just come from one place instead it draws on many much smaller ideas, which when left to bubble away at the back of my mind come together–often at very odd times. This was a 2am idea, or at least it was 2am when the ideas came together to form the story of THE GOBLIN KING. It went something like this: I was feeding a restless baby, it was cold and dark and I was tired. I have an overactive imagination at the best of times so I was wondering why the baby was so restless, and then I began thinking about things that could go bump in the night. Ghosts, no, we live in a new house. Brownies, I wish then they could do the housework. Goblins…goblins. Grey twisted creatures that love gold and battle…swords…heroes with swords (grin)…how would goblins work as a romance?  A curse…oh, I know he’s a cursed Celtic King. I only remember this because it was one of those very clear moments where the first scene just unravelled as if it had been waiting for me (this has only happened for…