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Virna DePaul | What’s Sex Gotta Do With It?
Author Guest / October 9, 2011

My brother is extremely proud of the fact that I’m a published author.  Yet, whenever I see him, he inevitably asks me the same question: “So, when are you going to write a real book?”  Nowadays, I just smile my beleaguered-little-sister-smile and move on, but the first couple of times, I took the bait.  “What’s a real book?” I asked him.  “You know, he answered.  “Like John Grisham.” Huh.  John Grisham.  Now, I’ve never personally read John Grisham, but I know he’s extremely successful.  He’s also a former attorney who writes legal thrillers, right?  In other words, commercial fiction that’s thrilling.  I, too, am a former attorney who writes thrilling commercial fiction.  So what’s the huge difference? Two words.  Romance and sex.  My debut paranormal romantic suspense series, the Para-Ops series, is about the FBI’s first special ops team comprised of humans and Otherborn, creatures that include a vampire, werebeast, wraith and mage.  In CHOSEN BY BLOOD, the first book, the team parachutes into North Korea via spy plane to find a stolen antidote.  In CHOSEN BY FATE, the second book, the team travels to Los Angeles to investigate sexual assaults within the feline community.  There’s lots of intrigue, twists…