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Jean Brashear | Too Sexy For His…Coat?
Author Guest / October 11, 2011

Dante Sabanne is mysterious and powerful, magical, compelling, a true master of the erotic arts and…too sexy for his coat. What??? you ask. Seriously, Jean? Seriously…it was a coat that started all of it, this whole hot, hot, hot, magical, mysterious and moody tale of a brand-new detective out to prove herself…and the expert witness who mesmerizes her, who takes Jace Carroll, a woman who could be another Beckett (Castle rocks, right? Though I only started watching it this fall–love it!) cop to the bone, tough, indomitable, fiercely independent and willing to lean on no one– And turns her every which way but loose. Fascinates her, seduces her, deceives her…brings her to the brink of betraying everything she ever believed in and beyond… Coats, Jean…you were talking about coats. Yes, I was. And still am. This book is unlike any I’ve ever written, a scorching tale of suspense, passion and magic centering on a traveling nightclub that’s more about sex than dancing, a cult steeped in…okay, sex (do we sense a theme here?)…a blood feud, a magical amulet, a bastard heir and the brother who will stop at nothing to destroy him…and the detective whose first case, the simple death…