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Fresh Pick | THE ORCHID AFFAIR by Lauren Willig
Fresh Pick / October 22, 2011

Pink Carnation #8 January 2011 On Sale: January 20, 2011 Featuring: Gaston Delaroche; Andre Jaouen; Laura Grey 416 pages ISBN: 0525951997 EAN: 9780525951995 Hardcover $25.99  Add to Wish List Romance Historical, Historical, Suspense Buy at Getting ready for Readers & ‘ritas — some of our favorites from attending authors The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willig “Pride and Prejudice lives on” (USA Today) in Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series, which has been hailed for its addictive blend of history, romance, and adventure. In The Orchid Affair, Willig introduces her strongest heroine yet. Laura Grey, a veteran governess, joins the Selwick Spy School expecting to find elaborate disguises and thrilling exploits in service to the spy known as the Pink Carnation. She hardly expects her first assignment to be serving as governess for the children of Andre Jaouen, right-hand man to Bonaparte’s minister of police. Jaouen and his arch rival, Gaston Delaroche, are investigating a suspected Royalist plot to unseat Bonaparte, and Laura’s mission is to report any suspicious findings. At first the job is as lively as Latin textbooks and knitting, but Laura begins to notice strange behavior from Jaouen-secret meetings and odd comings and goings. As Laura edges herself…

Erin Quinn | Who in the world is Áedán Brady?
Author Guest / October 22, 2011

He’s the gorgeous man on the cover of HAUNTING EMBRACE.  He’s also the evil druid Brandubh (pronounced Brawn-doov) who’s been trapped inside the Book of Fennore for eons.  On the surface, he’s far from hero material.  But deep down?  A man just waiting to become a one. I won’t lie; it was a challenge getting him there.  Áedán fought me tooth and nail, insisting he was too dark, too far from humanity to save.  I disagreed.  I saw a man who’d been betrayed, used and abused but who’d never given up. I fell in love with Áedán while I was writing HAUNTING DESIRE, Book #3 in the Mists of Ireland series.  I admit, I fall in love with all of my heroes.  How could I not?  I create them.  But as they each emerge with their own special qualities and quirks, I begin to see what really makes them the men of legends.  Áedán tries to pretend he has no emotions, but deep down he feels as strongly as any other man and he wants…oh how he wants a life again.  His rough exterior may fool some, but not those who know him. Or people like me who’ve already fallen…