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Spotlight on Kat Martin
Author Spotlight / October 28, 2011

Connect with Kat: Visit Kat Martin Become a Facebook Fan of Kat Martin Join Kat’s Mailing List Enter Contest Some women find trouble wherever they go. And some men are their only protection against it. THE STORY (read excerpt) Redheads like Maggie O’Connell are nothing but trouble. But Trace Rawlins, a former army-ranger-turned-private-investigator, takes the case anyway. After all, he knows how to deal with women. Trace can sense that something’s wrong—Maggie isn’t telling him everything. If these menacing calls and messages are real, why won’t the police help her? And if they aren’t real, what is she hiding? As Trace digs deeper to find the source of Maggie’s threats, he discovers a secret that no one was meant to uncover. And the only puzzle left to be solved is whether the danger comes from an unknown stalker…or from the woman he’s trying his hardest not to fall for. Tell us a little about AGAINST THE STORM what inspired you to write the book? Trace Rawlins is an ex-Army Ranger, a friend of Dev Raines who appeared in Against the Law. Trace knows redheads are nothing but trouble but when fiery, red-haired photographer Maggie O’Connell comes to him for help…

Ashley March | Romancing the Baby
Author Guest / October 28, 2011

Thanks so much to Fresh Fiction for hosting me today as I continue the celebration of my latest release, ROMANCING THE COUNTESS! I have a confession to make: I never thought I was going to finish this book. You see, when I was first approved to write the story, I was a little over 5 months pregnant. The original due date (for the book) was when I would have been 8 months pregnant. Some women are happy-go-lucky everything-is-swell when pregnant. I. Am. Not. At 28 weeks, I went into the hospital with early contractions. Fortunately, they didn’t go anywhere. This continued off and on until I was about 34 weeks, with several hospital visits. When I’m pregnant, my joints ache. I am…well, let’s just say…unwieldy. =) It’s hard to get up. It’s hard to sit down. In fact, I could hardly bear to write because all I wanted to do–and I mean ALL I wanted to do was to lie in bed. Sitting at a desk (even if it was a very comfortable chair) was excruciating on my body and exhausting for my body. Truly, it was pathetic. We won’t even start in with the blood pressure issues. And–here you’re…