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Sharon Page | Engage in a Tortured Hero
Author Guest / November 5, 2011

Meet the hero, Devon Audley, Duke of March of my new release, ENGAGED IN SIN.  In this scene, Devon has just been woken from a nightmare by the heroine, Anne Beddington… “I mean what did you do to me that made me leap up and slam you onto the ground?” “I—I brushed your hair out of your eyes.” “Exactly.  It was an inconsequential touch, but it set me off like a flame reaching a keg of gunpowder.  I’m mad.  The war, the battles, the blindness, the killing and the grief—I wasn’t strong enough to let it all just glance off me.  I’m no war hero—all throughout the damned thing, I was filled with pain and fury and grief and doubts.  A hero is a man who is filled with confidence, who takes action and doesn’t waste time on remorse.  He doesn’t hide in the blasted dark.  He gets a damned grip on himself.  But I can’t.  I’ve gone out of my wits, and I’m going madder by the day.  I’m not getting better, I’m getting worse.  That’s why I have Treadwell to scare people away.” “You are drinking too much,” she said firmly.  “That is probably why you are getting…

Liz Lipperman | What’s In A Name?
Author Guest / November 5, 2011

My grandkids are getting to the age where we feel comfortable taking them on excursions without their parents. In August, hubby and I decided we would pick up the two boys (ages 6 and 3) on a Thursday night and have them sleep and take them to a water park nearby. The boys sleep together at home, so naturally, they wanted to do that here…with me. Have you ever slept with a 3 and a 6 year old in one bed? Legs and arms go flying, bodies somehow get upside down, and both boys are jammed as close to me as they can get. I get about 8 inches on the edge of the bed, and even then, I usually have squatters. That’s a whole other story, though. Anyway, the six-year old (Grayson) fell asleep watching some cartoon, but the three year-old (Caden) was not about to give up without a fight. After all, he’s at Nana’s house, and all rules go out the window. What happens at Nana’s …stays at Nana’s. After the cartoon ended, I shut off the TV and of course, he fussed. Cuddling him close, I told him the story of Goldilocks. When I was finished,…