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Laura Kaye | For the Love of a Greek God Hero
Author Guest / November 6, 2011

Owen is the kind of a man any one of us would love to call our own. He is everything that is wonderful: warm and giving with a mischievous sense of fun and an almost child-like sweet tooth. Here is a man who takes delight in Lucky Charms and ice cream, who is a tiger in the sack, and whose number one priority is not to hurt Megan. Truly, I could eat him up with a spoon. ~From the Book Wenches Review Given the awesome reception NORTH OF NEED‘s hero, Owen Winters, is receiving, I thought I’d share what I think makes him so lovable and compelling. As a basic description, Owen is a long-exiled snow god who is the adopted son and destined successor of the Boreas, the Supreme God of the North Wind and Winter. And here’s why I and the heroine Megan love him, and hopefully YOU will, too: Godly Handsome. What else would you expect in a Greek god? LOL Let’s just say that cover does Owen all kinds of justice. Here’s Megan’s first impression: Even asleep, unconscious, whatever, the guy was ruggedly handsome. Mop of shiny black hair, strong brow, square jaw, fair skin, full…

Spotlight on Debbie Kaufman
Author Spotlight / November 6, 2011

Advice…Take It?  Or Leave It? Have you ever ignored advice and later regretted that you did? What if it put you in the spotlight of men with machine guns? That’s exactly what happened to me once when I flippantly dismissed a crucial piece of advice received on an airplane. All I did was answer a question from a man in front of me about his customs form.  Later I walked to the back of the plane and a second passenger warned me that I shouldn’t speak to the first man.  He used a racial slur, so I dismissed that warning as bigotry and spoke briefly to the first man again.  When we disembarked later in Beijing, the airport was deserted except for visibly-armed Red Army guards.  I quickly found myself alone at the baggage carousel with the first man I’d spoken to earlier. Man: “How much for your services?” Me: “I’m sorry. What?” Man: “Your services.  For the night, your services.  HOW MUCH?” Even I got it then.  I, a lone woman with no male family member to oversee her care, had spoken to a very traditional-minded man from Saudi Arabia.  He assumed I was a prostitute. His agitation and…