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Joanne Kennedy | Starting Over
Author Guest / November 7, 2011

If I dropped you in the middle of nowhere with nothing but fifty dollars, a beat-up muscle car, and an ugly stray dog, would you able to build yourself a new life? That’s what happens to former trophy wife Lacey Bradford in TALL, DARK AND COWBOY. Lacey’s been raised to riches, but her privileged life is whipped out from under her when she discovers her ex-husband is a con man. She’s left with few survival skills and fewer resources when she swears off his ill-gotten gains and hits the road. Hundreds of miles and one hunky cowboy later, she has to  rebuild her life in a world that’s as foreign to her as another planet. My romances are almost always fish-out-of-water stories, where a hero or heroine finds herself in an unfamiliar world and has to make the best of it. And since I started writing that kind of story, I can’t pass through a small town in the West without looking around and wondering what I’d do if I had to live there. Could I get a job at that little café? How tough would it be to tend bar at that tough-looking whiskey joint on the edge of…