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Fresh Pick | PRIMAL LAW by J.D. Tyler
Author Guest / November 9, 2011

Wolf Pack #1 August 2011 On Sale: August 2, 2011 Featuring: Jaxon Law; Kira 352 pages ISBN: 0451234340 EAN: 9780451234346 Paperback $7.99  Add to Wish List Romance Paranormal, Paranormal Thriller Buy at Another great Readers & ‘ritas author Primal Law by J.D. Tyler To claim his mate, he would break all the rules Meet the Alpha Pack, a top-secret military team of wolf-shifters fighting the most dangerous predators in the world, human and nonhuman. After a massacre leaves Jaxon Law crippled, he must relearn how to fight-and battle the anger and guilt threatening to overwhelm him. But when Jax rescues a beautiful woman who awakens his primal instincts, he is unprepared for the dangers that lie ahead. Soon he must decide if the deep connection he feels with Kira is worth defying the ultimate shifter law… Sizzling and interesting, PRIMAL LAW pays homage….while forging its own paths. Previous Picks

Rachel Firasek | A Warm Heart With Ice
Author Guest / November 9, 2011

Why is it that some of our fave heroines are just a tad bit chilly? They have an edge about them that can come off as cold-hearted or in some cases, just plain mean. I’m thinking Anita Blake, Cat Crawfield, Mercy Thompson, and my own personal heroine, Ice.  Oh yes, these women can be classified as strong minded (translation: hard-headed) or even hard, yet we love them. In some ways I think it’s because they are also witty, confident, and almost always fearless. Let’s face it, ladies, we enjoy playing in their shoes for the length of a novel. It’s a great way to relax and feel the empowerment that we may not get in our everyday lives. At least, that’s why I read and write about heroines like this. Here’s my list of things I look for in a good “cold” heroine: 1. Strength—not only to know her own mind and heart, but to be able to stand against everyone else for what she believes. 2. Compassion—even if she doesn’t show it, I want to know that she has a deep soul that cares for others. The most talented authors can take a heroine and make us believe that…