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Emery Lee | An Interview with a Reformed Rogue
Author Guest / November 18, 2011

Philip Drake has the look of a man acutely aware of his surroundings. He emanates a sort of restless energy, not of the nervous variety, but of a man accustomed to taking charge of those around him.  He regards me first assessingly, and then flashes a raffish smile that makes my pulse speed up, but then Philip, even at his worst, has always had that effect on me. “So, Miss Lee,” he says, “To what do I owe the honor of this interview?” “It seems there are many misperceptions about you, my lord-” “Philip, please.” He meets me with his intense, dark gaze and then smiles warmly. “I am, after all, indebted to you for my very existence.” “Thank you.”  I return the smile and try to suppress my rising color. “I had hoped we could chat briefly.” He nods, relaxes in his chair, and crosses a booted ankle over his knee. “Philip, when readers were first introduced to you in THE HIGHEST STAKES as a brother-in-arms and boon companion to Robert Devington,  many were shocked  and dare I say even repulsed, by your selfish opportunism.” “Ouch.”Philip winces and then laughs a brief, harsh sound.  “I confess I had imagined…