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Spotlight on Allison Brennan
Author Spotlight / November 20, 2011

Characters Are People Too! The hallmark of great books are characters. Not too-perfect heroes and heroines, or pure evil villains, but characters who feel so real we think we’d recognize them if we saw them on the street. Flawed characters with a past, who have doubts and dreams, hopes and fears, problems and solutions. Characters who are people just like us. A great hero is not one who is so perfect they have no fear, but a person who, in spite of fear, acts for the benefit of others. A scary villain isn’t someone who’s bad just because they can be, but a person with hopes and dreams and a reason for what they do. A truly “great” villain will be conflicted, and may at times show heroic qualities. But in the end, a villain will succumb to his weakness, while a true hero will overcome his failings. I first met Lucy while writing FEAR NO EVIL. She was an 18 year old high school graduate who, like many teen-agers, thought she was invincible. By the end of the book, I knew she needed her own series–one book wouldn’t do her justice. Now, Lucy is a 25-year-old FBI recruit waiting…

Fresh Pick | SWEET JUSTICE by Christy Reece
Fresh Pick / November 20, 2011

Last Chance Rescue #7 September 2011 On Sale: September 6, 2011 Featuring: Seth Cavanaugh; Honor Stone 352 pages ISBN: 0345524071 EAN: 9780345524072 Kindle: B004J4X2W6 Paperback $7.99  Add to Wish List Romance Suspense Buy at Stand alone or in the series, one of the best suspense novels of the year. Sweet Justice by Christy Reece Live for Honor. Die for Love Honor Stone is a young, idealistic FBI agent when her path collides with Seth Cavanaugh. For a girl who has never walked on the wild side, the dark and dangerous Seth is a temptation she can’t refuse. But then Seth walks out the door and out of her life. Five years later, Honor is an operative with the elite Last Chance Rescue organization and Seth is a desperate ex-cop searching for his missing niece—one of many young women who have mysteriously vanished from college campuses. Going undercover, Honor will attract the maniacal cult leader behind the kidnappings and find a way to work with Seth—while steering clear of the passion and need that’s just one touch away from explosion. Seth knows he had all the right reasons for the wrong he did five years ago. And from the moment…

Kate Walker | A Fresh Look At An Old Favourite
Author Guest / November 20, 2011

It was the name of your site that  gave me the inspiration for this blog.  I’ve been rather  overdone by blogging recently – my own blog, the I heart Presents blog – a wonderful – but demanding  – great big Blog Tour  that too in  XX blogs, all needing new and interesting posts. (Can you tell that I’ve had a new book out?) I’ve been talking to so many people all over the world  and it’s been stretching me to think up new and different things to say at each stop. This book I’ve written – THE RETURN OF THE STRANGER –  is a brand new story to me and yet in many ways it’s one of the oldest books in my experience of reading romantic fiction. It’s  a modern romance – and yet it’s a story that is timeless and has echoes for so many through the years. Confused? Well let me explain. THE RETURN OF THE STRANGER is part of a mini series of four books that reflect and rework the themes of some of the most memorable stories in romantic fiction of all time. It was part of the mini-series THE POWERFUL and THE PURE based on…