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Susan Edwards | Myth, Magic & Wonder: Discoveries
Author Guest / November 21, 2011

A couple days ago, I redesigned my banner for my website and sent it to my son who designed my website.  I loved what I did but knew he’d find fault.  After all, he is a programmer, which makes pleasing his sensibilities with my creativity nearly impossible.  And <sigh>, I was right.  He vetoed most of what I did. I have to wonder what happened to that creative little boy who along with his younger sister helped me discover my own creative writing talent. You see, I was not always a writer, unlike so many authors who say they’ve always loved writing.  Me?  I never wanted to write anything, except maybe chatty letters to friends or my great-grandmother (who loved receiving mail) or notes to pals in class.  Okay, I’ve dated myself here because I grew up without computers, emails, social media or text messages! I also absolutely hated writing, did not excel in English and thought history the most boring subject on earth!  So it’s rather strange and ironic that not only am I a writer but I’ve published 12 historical romances.  Well, back to my beginnings. When my son was in grade school, his teachers were very impressed…