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Sharon Lathan | Allow me to introduce you to….
Author Guest / November 28, 2011

Welcome to part 4 of a series of blogs I have written for the MISS DARCY FALLS IN LOVE virtual tour that are a character analysis with excerpts from my latest novel. The idea was sparked by a question on the character of Georgiana Darcy, and grew into a fun sequence of posts. I hope you will enjoy this glimpse into a handful of the secondary characters enough to pop over to my blog where I have the links to the previous 3 posts where I focused on many of the other players, both major and minor. Some readers may be surprised to find that Darcy and Elizabeth are not present at all. There are, however, a few familiar cast members present in France with Georgiana. She is escorted by her uncle and aunt, Lord and Lady Matlock, and once in Paris will meet up with her beloved cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam and his wife, Lady Simone. Aside from these four – who have big parts to play – all the others are new. Allow me to introduce you to…. Lady Vivienne Butler: The soon-to-be Marquise de Marcov is the sister of my hero, Sebastian Butler, and the oldest of his…