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Kathryne Kennedy | Which Elven Magical Power Would You Choose?
Author Guest / February 3, 2012

Hello again Fresh Fiction readers! It’s a pleasure to be back here talking with you today. In my current release, THE LORD OF ILLUSION, England has been conquered by seven mad elven lords, who sundered the barrier between our world and Elfhame. When they opened the doorway, they brought magic with them, and handed down physical attributes to their half-breed human children. They divided the land into seven realms, each altered by their primary magical power linked to their scepters: Firehame: Fire. Dewhame: Sea and Sky. Bladehame: Metal. Dreamhame: Glamour and Illusion. Terrahame: Earth. Verdanthame: Tree and plant. Stonehame: Rock and gemstone. Their half-breed children inherited their other attributes: – Extraordinary strength, grace and speed of movement. – Looks: faceted eyes, glimmering silver sparkling in their hair, pale smooth unblemished complexion, straight even white teeth, beautiful features, tall perfect physiques, long elegant ears with a slight point at the top. – Extraordinary talent in singing, art, dancing, fighting or musical ability (result of first item). – The ability to heal (non-lethal wounds or ailments), or soothe mental stress. – The ability to make plants flourish, or calm a beast. – The ability to find water, lost items, or glimpses into…