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Fresh Pick | CHOCOLATE COVERED MURDER by Leslie Meier
Fresh Pick / February 4, 2012

Lucy Stone #19 January 2012 On Sale: January 1, 2012 Featuring: Lucy Stone 304 pages ISBN: 075822933X EAN: 9780758229335 Hardcover $24.00  Add to Wish List Mystery Cozy Buy at A delicious mystery for Valentine Chocolate Covered Murder by Leslie Meier Between a cutthroat dessert contest and her daughter’s new job at the fanciest chocolate shop Tinker’s Cove has ever seen, Lucy Stone is on a steady diet of tempting treats! But with a killer on the loose, and Valentine’s Day around the corner, there may be nothing sweeter than revenge… It’s frigid in snow-covered Tinker’s Cove, and Lucy is fighting the winter blues—and her widening waistline. No one in their right mind would vacation in Maine this time of year, but to boost the economy, the town is launching a travel promotion for Valentine’s Day. As a reporter for the Pennysaver, Lucy is assigned a puff piece on upscale Chanticleer’s Chocolates, and its deliciously handsome owner, Trey Meacham. But when a local fisherman drowns suspiciously, Lucy’s certain her investigative skills could be put to better use… Everyone is shocked when Fern’s Famous Fudge loses its status as “Best Candy on the Coast” to Chanticleer’s pricey newfangled confections. And Lucy…

Nicole Baart | Works of Art
Author Guest / February 4, 2012

In FAR FROM HERE, my beautiful, quirky, only slightly neurotic protagonist, Dani, is a bit of an artist. She doesn’t paint or draw, nor would she likely be considered an artist by most people. But she is. If you look up the definition of artist, and scroll on down the list to the very bottom you’ll find: “a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill.” And there’s no caveat that the work in question must be some form of traditionally defined art. I think we’re all artists. We all create. In our own small (or enormous) way we try to make the world just a little more beautiful than it is. And I believe that is art. Some people paint pictures. Others snap them at exactly the perfect moment with their camera. Still others take those pictures and arrange them in such a way that when you walk into a room you have to pause, if only for a moment, to admire the way it all fits together. Maybe you’re a virtuoso in the kitchen or you can make perfect strangers cry when you slide a a bow across the strings of your violin. Perhaps you make people laugh, and I…