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Fresh Pick | THE SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY MURDERS by Ruth Dudley Edwards
Fresh Pick / February 8, 2012

Robert Amiss #2 October 2007 On Sale: October 15, 2007 Featuring: Baroness Troutbeck; Robert Amiss 248 pages ISBN: 159058435X EAN: 9781590584354 Kindle: B003YDXML4 Paperback (reprint) $14.99  Add to Wish List Mystery Buy at If you love witty British crime fiction, sink your teeth into this Valentine gem The Saint Valentine’s Day Murders by Ruth Dudley Edwards Life in a dismal bureaucratic cul-de-sac is not what the irreverent, high-flying Robert Amiss expects when the British civil service lends him for a year to the British Conservation Corporation. In theory, he is to gain invaluable experience of thrusting capitalism: in practice, he is condemned to a non-job in a backwater managing disgruntled and demoralized time-servers who deeply resent this interloper. Morale in this all-male environment is not improved by the arrival of Melissa, a radical feminist lesbian separatist. It is only Amiss’s sense of humour and the joys of visiting Rachel, his new love, in Paris, that keep him sane. The malice, envy and anger that burgeons among the filing cabinets is first expressed in pettiness and then in unpleasant practical jokes. These begin to escalate worryingly and finally culminate in callous murder by means of boxes of poisoned chocolates sent…

Cheryl Brooks | Introducing … STUD
Author Guest / February 8, 2012

Hello to everyone at Fresh Fiction, and thank you for having me here to celebrate the release of STUD, the eighth book in my Cat Star Chronicles series! To get things started, allow me to tease you with a little excerpt… Tarq smelled her before he ever laid eyes on her—a glorious, delectable aroma that curled through his head and shot straight into his bloodstream. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply as the effect of her fragrance hit him like a pulse blast, obliterating his every thought with the instantaneous ecstasy of an erection so hard it made his head swim. He glanced away from his menu, taking in the shape of her legs out of the corner of his eye—what he could see of them, that is. Her baggy trousers and apron concealed everything about her legs except the fact that she had two of them. “Hi, my name is Lucy, and I’ll be your server,” she said. “Do you already know what you’d like, or do you need more time?” Tarq smiled to himself as he shook his head. No, he didn’t need more time. He knew exactly what he wanted. “You,” he replied. “I’d like a full…