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Allison Pang | Instant Love? ~ Win A SLIVER OF SHADOW
Author Guest / February 29, 2012

One of the main differences between writing an Urban Fantasy vs a Paranormal Romance is the inclusion of an HEA (or Happily Ever After.)  PNRs need to have it, UF’s don’t.  Most PNRs are about a specific couple, whereas a UF might have a couple, but that couple doesn’t have to stay together. The heroine can hook up with the hero…or not. When I first wrote A BRUSH OF DARKNESS, it was definitely a PNR. I had a completely different ending in mind, but after I sold I was asked to turn it into a UF and bring in another potential love interest for A SLIVER OF SHADOW. I wasn’t sure about that at first. At the time I had my head fairly wrapped around the HEA concept, but the more I thought on it, the more I realized my editor was right. It’s hard sometimes – as an author I can spend years with my characters. Even though a book might span a timeframe of a few days or weeks (or hours, even) – it can feel like a lifetime for me. So I have trouble sometimes with not “rushing” the romantic elements. (Obviously, if the characters have some sort…

Fresh Pick | THE SMOKY CORRIDOR by Chris Grabenstein
Fresh Pick / February 29, 2012

Haunted Mysteries August 2011 On Sale: August 9, 2011 Featuring: Zack 323 pages ISBN: 0375865101 EAN: 9780375865107 Paperback (reprint)  Add to Wish List Childrens Buy at Mysteries are for kids too (SleuthFest Guest of Honor) The Smoky Corridor by Chris Grabenstein With the help of his stepmother, his dog Zipper, and new friend Malik, Zack Jennings faces ghosts and zombies at his new middle school, which is said to house a lost Confederate treasure. Zack is about to start at his new school, and in addition to homework, school lunches, and bullies, Zack must also contend with a ruthless hit man seeking a lost treasure, a voodoo savvy ghost waiting to take possession of a new body, and a soul-sucking zombie in the basement. Suddenly homework doesn’t seem so bad. Once again Chris Grabenstein proves his mastery of the frightening and funny tale. Young readers, especially reluctant ones, have found an inspiration to read in Grabenstein’s quirky characters and deadly situations. Previous Picks