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Sally Goldenbaum | Characters Welcome
Author Guest / June 12, 2012

Nell, Birdie, Izzy, and Cass. My cast of characters. My friends. My alter egos. I know how the women of Sea Harbor walk, what they eat, how much they weigh, where they went to school, and the first time they had sex. I even know what number they are on the Enneagram chart. They are my mainstays in the Seaside Knitters mystery series. My stars and my glue. But often, way too often, I haven’t a clue what they are going to do next. And that’s good….and difficult. It’s one of the challenges of writing a mystery series, in which certain characters come back with each new adventure and need to feed the readers’ imaginations, to make them feel they know the seaside women  just a little bit better with each book they read. When I began writing the recently released Seaside Knitting Mystery, A FATAL FLEECE, I was struck by the fact that I’ve known these fine women for nearly seven years now. But they still surprise me. And that’s good. If they didn’t, they might not appear fresh and enticing to the reader. So therein lies the challenge. Fresh, but comfortable. New, but old friends. Predictable, but surprising….

Ruthie Webb | Exclusive Excerpt of ABOUT LAST NIGHT
Author Guest / June 12, 2012

City reached into his briefcase and brought out two bags of chips and three candy bars. “I came bearing gifts. Thought you might be hungry. Do you prefer”—he glanced at the bags—”prawn or salt-and-vinegar crisps? Or if you don’t fancy crisps, I also have these.” He fanned the candy bars out on one broad palm. “I don’t know what you like yet,” he explained, his tone apologetic. Cath cast her eyes heavenward in an attempt to keep up a good front, but really, how was she supposed to resist a man who came courting with junk food? Resist the man. You can have the junk food. She grabbed the prawn crisps and a Wispa bar. “This is a very classy spread. Are you always so charming?” “Only when I want something very badly.” He smiled. She tried to let that slide, but it slid down between her breasts, wriggled over her belly, and warmed up the junction of her thighs. She didn’t have a lot of experience being wanted—or courted, for that matter. It was making her woozy. City took off his tie in that way real men did, arching his head back as he pulled at the knot and…