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Leanne Banks | Insider Secrets About The Princess And The Outlaw ~ Amazon Gift Card Drawing!
Author Guest / July 1, 2012

Confession: I put secret things in my books to make them more fun for me.  In my current book, THE PRINCESS AND THE OUTLAW, the heroine Princess Pippa has bad hair. This idea stemmed from how I suffered from bad hair last summer.  It came to me that if I was going to have bad hair, why should my heroine have long, lustrous locks that behaved well even in humid weather?  Pippa doesn’t go the keratin route to fix her hair.  She just usually sticks it on top of her head in a bun.  After all, she has more important things to do, such as help Nic Lafitte with his dying mother’s wish. That said, I seriously think the artist airbrushed Pippa’s hair for the book cover.  Don’t you? Which brings me to my next fun thing about this book.  Nic Lafitte.  Have you heard of Jean Lafitte?  He was a famous pirate in the Gulf of Mexico.  In my story, Nic’s father stole the heart of Nic’s mother, Amelie from the former ruling Prince of the island country of Chantaine.  There’s still a huge grudge between the families.  I’m fascinated by old-style pirates, not the new ones today and…