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Molly O’Keefe | In Praise of Older Men
Author Guest / August 1, 2012

Watching the Smurfs movie (for sadly about the fifth time) I was struck anew by how much more handsome Neil Patrick Harris is as a thirty something than he was as a twenty something. His face has weathered in a beautiful way, full of character and charm. He twinkles like he knows something good.  And that’s pretty damn attractive. Maybe it’s my own age, but I’m taking another look at men of a certain age.  Men who when younger, might not have caught my eye.  As a writer and a reader, I like going on a journey with characters who have some life behind them. I like the “I don’t want commitment” conflict, but it works so much better with someone who has actually been committed and been burned. Or maybe burned someone.  A guy that is aware of all the grey area in life. Men with scars and baggage are intriguing and they make for good reading, but there’s a fine line between an alpha male and a guy acting like a child.  Older heroes can skip all of that –  they can be damaged but  still stand up and do the right thing. Men who are men, I…