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Katee Robert | The Naughty Little Sister Emerges in Brazen ~ Win WRONG BED, RIGHT GUY
Author Guest / August 11, 2012

As soon as I heard that Entangled Publishing was coming out with a steamier category romance line, I knew I wanted to be part of it. After all, who doesn’t love the smexy? Brazen has been described as Indulgence’s naughty little sister, and the description fits! It takes the best of category romance and spices it up, all without losing the core story between two people. This is how WRONG BED, RIGHT GUY came into being. While the book is a story of opposites attract, the whole reason they’re thrown together in the first place is the heroine crawls into the wrong bed. That night rocks both their worlds and sets the rest of the book’s events into motion. Elle bolts, because good girls aren’t supposed to get all hot and steamy with bad boys. She learned that the hard way and has no intention of going through it again. Gabe, on the other hand, sees something in Elle that calls to him on a level he’s never felt before. He pursues her in an effort to see if it’s real, or just part of his imagination. Much hilarity and many smexy times ensue. I’m really, really excited to be…