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Bec McMaster | Why I love Vampires
Author Guest / September 14, 2012

Vampires. They’re a subject near and dear to my heart, whether they be sparkly, terrifying, seductive or I-vant-to-suck-your-blood… I don’t care what form they come in. When I decided to write KISS OF STEEL, which is set in a Victorian-era world ruled by the blue bloods of the Echelon, I knew I wanted to use the vampire myth somehow. My blue bloods are gentleman who deliberately infect themselves with the craving virus in order to become elite; making them stronger, faster, invulnerable to illness or injury… and with a thirst for blood. Women are denied the Blood Rites for fear their gentle natures won’t be able to control the strong hungers that develop, their purpose in life to become a blue blood’s thrall – or blood slave. The craving virus gifts its bearers with many advantages but there is also a cost. Over the years the virus eventually colonises the body, and the Fade begins. The first signs are albinism and the faint, decaying stench of rot. Eventually the victim evolves into something more. A creature with no reason, driven only by its hungers and its invincible strength. A vampire. History is full of supposed vampires and their legends. Whilst…

Fresh Pick | FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH by Stephanie Jaye Evans
Fresh Pick / September 14, 2012

Sugar Land Mystery June 2012 On Sale: June 5, 2012 Featuring: Walker “Bear” Wells 352 pages ISBN: 0425247732 EAN: 9780425247730 Kindle: B0073XV22W Paperback $15.00  Add to Wish List Mystery Buy at An unlikely post-career for a football player…minister solving a murder! Faithful Unto Death by Stephanie Jaye Evans Everything looks perfect in Sugar Land, Texas. But it’s not. No one knows that better than Walker “Bear” Wells, a former college football player now serving as a minister in this upscale Texas town, where famous athletes mix with ranchers and the local parish priest wants to arm wrestle. It’s a beautiful master-planned community, but people can’t be held to neighborhood restrictions, and Bear deals daily with emotional and spiritual problems, in both his flock and his own family. But never murder. Not until a man is found dead on the nearby golf course, his skull crushed. Bear has no interest in playing detective. His job is praying for the dead, not searching for their killers. But every time he turns around, another facet of the investigation tangles with his own life…like the fact that the murdered man’s son—and a main suspect—is currently dating his own rebellious teenage daughter. He made…

Tammy Falkner | My First Love
Author Guest / September 14, 2012

My first love had the name of Jeffy Terrence. It’s the name that came on his birth certificate.  I can remember the day I got him as clearly as I can remember yesterday.  He was sitting on the end cap at Sears in his muted yellow box. He had a bald head and a promise written on the box that he smelled like baby powder. And his bottom was signed by Xavier Roberts. He was wearing a blue and white one-piece sleeper. I wanted him more than I wanted my next breath. And I got him.  I took him home and we were inseparable.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jeffy is a Cabbage Patch Kid, and he was mine, all mine. He had his own carrier, and I would tie it to the limb of the tree outside and spend hours swinging him back and forth.  We took long walks together and I never went to sleep without him. I can remember with great clarity the day that I took Jeffy Terrence to school in my backpack. I knew he was not supposed to be there, but I wanted to show him off. I didn’t take him…