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Laura Kaye | 10 Reasons to Love Military Heroes
Author Guest / October 27, 2012

I’m thrilled to be back at Fresh Fiction again, this time to celebrate the brand-new release of my contemporary romance, ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO, the sequel to HER FORBIDDEN HERO. ONE NIGHT is about two people damaged by childhood experiences who, deep down, believe they’re not worthy of love, and manage to find everything they never let themselves imagine they could have. Brady Scott is the hero, and he’s active duty Army Special Forces, recently sent stateside for a tour at Army Staff Pentagon. I absolutely love reading about military heroes, and now I’m really enjoying writing them, too. Today, I thought I’d share ten reasons I particularly love reading and writing military heroes: 10. They’re heroes. This seems sorta obvious, but here’s what I mean: the fact that they’ve sacrificed to devote their lives to defense of country paints them in a heroic light before you know anything else about them. As a reader and a writer, that usually earns them my respect and sympathy pretty quickly. 9. They know how to commit. Special Forces soldiers sign on for four-to-eight-year terms of service, and many of them become career military. These are guys who know how to stick,…