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Laura O’Connell | Lies: Do They Save Or Destroy?
Author Guest / December 12, 2012

When I wrote WEB OF LIES, I intended to take my reader back to her teenage years to think about the risks she took as she learned about her world and where she fitted into it. While she cared for her seriously ill aunt, Stephanie’s world was full of pressure. She dated Lachlan and found the love she so desperately needed. After saving the stranded whale, their emotions ran high, feeling superhuman and bringing them closer than either of them could have thought possible. With Lachlan’s imminent departure for the United States the next day, tension between them was high and the only way they could make sense of their situation was to turn to each other. Making love seemed to be the logical way of showing what the other one meant to them. A child was conceived and because they were only 16 and 17, Aunt Sonia and Lachlan’s parents believed the best outcome for the child’s future would be to adopt the child out and tell some ‘harmless’ lies that wouldn’t tie the young people down. Eight years later, Lachlan is a changed man and Stephanie is the victim of an abusive relationship. They reconnect and learn lies…