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Blythe Gifford | Holiday gatherings and family myths. What’s yours? ~ COMMENT to win one of The Brunson Clan books
Author Guest / December 20, 2012

When I began writing The Brunson Clan trilogy, I was struck by the way the history of the Scottish Borders was captured in its ballads.  Long before books were commonplace, the stories of the Border Reivers (raiders) were immortalized in song.  In the midst of a bloody era, when family was more important than country, these men “prized a poem almost as much as plunder, and produced such an impressive assembly of local narrative songs that some people used to label all our greater folk poems as ‘Border ballads’” (A. L. Lloyd, Folk Song in England.) Poetic, stirring, memorable.  But accurate?  Not always. At least, that’s what my Brunsons discover during the course of the trilogy.  The story each believes – about the family, the enemy, or even about him or herself – is ultimately upset when the truth is discovered to be slightly different than oft-told tales. CAPTIVE OF THE BORDER LORD, the second book of the three, centers on the youngest child and the only sister.  She has grown up thinking that life is duty and that the valley where the Brunsons have lived for centuries is the only place she, or any Brunson, can truly call home….