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Elisabeth Staab | How Does This Romance Feel?
Author Guest / January 3, 2013

Okay, perhaps there’s still a little too much holiday nog in my system making me feel warm and fuzzy as I type this, but I’m about to lay a true confession on you: I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with artist who designs my book covers. Not, you know, that way, I’m talking a spiritual appreciation here people. As renowned cover designer Chip Kidd says, a cover artist’s job is to ask “What do the stories look like?” This is a big flipping deal for an author, because the way a cover artist answers this question can and does affect a reader’s desire to pick up a book. I’ve been known to grab a book for the cover alone, so I know first-hand that this importance. As an author, you must have love and respect for the person who does that job for you and does it well. Equally important for me, during the writing of a book, is how does the story feel? Every writer has a different process, but for me the way a romance feels comes in part with the music that helps act as a sort of invisible score. A backdrop that infuses the scenes with…

Our Reviewers Pick Their Top 5 Books of 2012
Author Spotlight , News / January 3, 2013

Best Genre Fiction of 2012 With the advent of 2013 the reviewers at Fresh Fiction were asked to make a list of our favorite 2012 books.  As a group we reviewed approximately 2,000 books making choosing a top 10 a huge challenge.  We love our books and get pretty attached. So after much arm wrestling, hair pulling, and attempts at bribery, we’ve settled on letting our reviewers have their own top 5. So, here are some of our reviewers’ selections for the best genre fiction of 2012. Jessica Dunn # of books reviewed 2012- 61 Genres: Romance (Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Erotica), YA For someone who averages a book a day, I found it extremely difficult to narrow down my top pics. I have favorite authors whose series I have followed over many years but then I began reviewing for Fresh Fiction six months ago. As a result, I expanded my genres and tried new authors. As a result I found authors like Lori Wild and Sarah MacLean whose books had characters I was invested in.  For a book to become a favorite I need to be drawn in, feel where the character is coming from, and be taken along their…

Fresh Pick | HOW TO DRIVE A DRAGON CRAZY by G. A. Aiken
Fresh Pick / January 3, 2013

Dragon Kin #6 September 2012 On Sale: September 4, 2012 Featuring: Eibhear 352 pages ISBN: 1420108905 EAN: 9781420108903 Kindle: B007V5AW64 Paperback / e-Book $7.99 Add to Wish List Romance ParanormalBuy at Best Books of 2012 by Fresh Fiction Reviewers How To Drive A Dragon Crazy by G. A. Aiken She’s his firestarter Some things never go away, like vile enemies, bad ale, and annoying kin. But I thought I was finished with the one dragon I’d have done anything for: Eibhear the Blue, a big, gorgeous, blue haired beast who thinks the world belongs to him. The world and, apparently, me. So if Eibhear wants to play the caring hero and travel into the most forsaken of Gods forsaken lands to protect the one woman who doesn’t need it namely me I’ll let him. Because while I’m trying to fulfill a ridiculous quest for a pushy god, I’m going to draw this overconfident warlord much too close, rekindle his fires, and enjoy every minute of his delicious defeat… Adventure, Excitement, Aiken’s Readers DO Crave These Things and Book Six in the Series Delivers! Taming a dragon is not for the feint-of-heart… Previous Picks