Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Amanda Lee
Author Guest / January 15, 2013

I’m happy to tell you that THREAD ON ARRIVAL, the fifth book in my embroidery mystery series, was released in December. To celebrate the event, I’m offering one lucky Fresh Fiction reader a copy of the book in either paperback, Kindle, or Nook format.  It’s easy to enter the giveaway—simply leave a comment below with your email address and the format you’d prefer if you’re the winner.  In THREAD ON ARRIVAL, Marcy Singer gets hung up on a tapestry that may lead to sunken treasure and be the motive for murder…. When Marcy’s friend Reggie, Tallulah Falls’ local librarian, asks her to teach an embroidery class as therapy for domestic abuse victims, she gladly agrees. One of the women wants to flee from her abusive husband but is afraid to leave her elderly father-in-law behind. And she thinks Marcy can help. The elderly gentleman shows Marcy a tapestry his grandmother made, which he believes reveals the location of pirate treasure off the Oregon coast. He’ll move to a shelter—provided Marcy takes the tapestry to keep it safe. But when the police arrive the next day to escort him out, they find the old man murdered and the house ransacked. Does…

Tracy Deebs | My variation on “Pandora’s Box Myth”
Author Guest / January 15, 2013

Since DOOMED came out, I’ve been asked hundreds of times about why I chose to go the cyber route with the Pandora’s Box myth.  So when I was trying to come up with a topic for this blogpost, I thought telling you a little about the book—and my motivation for it—might be the way to go. I’ve always loved the Pandora myth and have always wanted to write a book from her point of view because I think she got a bad rap (as women tend to do in mythology). In the original Greek myth Zeus and Hephaestus mold Pandora from clay as a punishment to Prometheus for stealing fire from the gods — she was specifically created to bring trouble to him and to do exactly what she did, so I find it very hard to blame her for that. Prometheus, of course, knows Zeus is unhappy with him and knows he wouldn’t be sending him a gift without strings attached, so he refuses Pandora. He warns his brother, Epimetheus, to do the same, but Epimetheus is less of a planner and much more impetuous than Prometheus. He accepts Pandora in what is one of the first love triangles…

Spotlight on Dianna Love
Author Spotlight / January 15, 2013

2013—Not Just Another Year by NYT Bestseller Dianna Love Do you start a new year anticipating big things, changes or new directions only to find by the end that you’ve just checked off another year with nothing remarkable that happened for you personally? Some years back, I decided that it shouldn’t have to be that way, and came up with a method to keep myself focused and move those changes I was after from dreams to reality.  As an example,  I’ll share what I did to make 2013 different. I’m constantly in motion, so my world moves along quickly because of me more than anything else, because I like to be busy and productive.  But I wanted to do even more in 2012.  In particular, I wanted to write more.  That meant I had to make changes in my schedule since I tend to be on the road a LOT every year. Change doesn’t happen by accident, especially when we have busy lives.  We have to be willing to give up something to get what we want. To write more and to spend time with my very supportive husband, I had to say “no” to speaking invitations, even when I…