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Liz Lipperman | The Top Ten Reasons MURDER FOR THE HALIBUT Will Sell
Author Guest / January 27, 2013

I love Fresh Fiction-love the people who make it happen and love that it is based in my home state of Texas. When I was trying to figure out what to blog around this time around, I came up empty. So I went back to a blog I wrote several years ago and darn, if it isn’t still relevant. I’m changing it up a little so you can see how insecure I still am when it comes to my own writing. (Most writers are. I once heard a NY Times best seller say she pauses in the middle of every single book she writes and wonders if she should send back the advance because she doesn’t think she has another good book in her.) I have five books coming out this year and two next year. I couldn’t suck, right? Yet, insecure me sometimes looks over my shoulder to make sure someone isn’t chasing me to take it all away. More than two years ago LIVER LET DIE debuted and I put together this top ten list. At the time I whined about the fact that Berkley had bought three books from me after only reading three chapters and that…