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Susan Meier | Big Families or Favorite Series
Author Guest / February 1, 2013

I was thrilled to be asked to write one of the Larkville Continuity stories for Harlequin Romance. But when I discovered I was writing the last book, I was a bit shocked. The last book of a continuity series has to wrap up the entire series and this one was a doozie…8 books! In the final book, readers expect to see that the seven couples from the prior books are all still happy. They want to get another peek at the kids/babies from the books. And, of course, in this particular series they were dying to see the blending of all the siblings. Added to all that I had to toss in the romance of Matt and Claire, the hero and heroine of my book. It was a tall order! Except… When I started putting the story together, I realized what I had was a big family that longed to be happy. With their messed up past and dead parents, they needed a leader. They needed time together and they needed to forgive. So Matt’s story is a story of hope. Not just hope that he’ll become a good daddy to the baby he inherits when his ex-wife dies, but…

Fresh Fiction on Kirkus Reviews: Reader’s Remorse
Author Guest / February 1, 2013

As an active and voracious reader, one of the very little delights I have is the anticipation of a new book by a favorite author. Waiting impatiently for the release is a harrowing ordeal; I must avoid previews at all costs because as a reader I fall into the category of “finish the book in one sitting.” So reading a preview doesn’t just whet my appetite—it makes me mad. And I don’t want to get too mad, because then I start to imagine what the book is really going to be like, including the plot and the … Read the rest on Kirkus Reviews