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Juanita Kees | Paperback Heroes
Author Guest / February 8, 2013

Who doesn’t love a paperback hero? That’s why writer’s write. Whether it’s crime fiction, paranormal romance or an action-packed thriller, somewhere in it you will find an alpha male. Strong and sexy with a body to die for, he’s the one who will fight for what he believes in and protect the ones he loves…*sigh*. Which brings me to my favourite alpha male hero of all time…long before he was an X-Men werewolf, Hugh Jackman was a Paperback Hero. In the 1999 movie, Hugh played a tough, Australian truck driver, Jack Willis, who writes romance novels under a pen name of Ruby Vale. That’s where things get a little sticky because Ruby Vale is a real person—and his good friend (played by Claudia Karvan). Ruby is in love with Jack but engaged to marry Jack’s best friend, Hamish. What a plot and what a movie! It’s easy to see why Hugh Jackman has rocketed to fame. One of the questions we’re often asked in interviews is who we’d like to play the hero if our books were made into movies. I’m sure you’ve gathered what my answer would be! In FLY AWAY PETA, my hero Jaime Caruso has never forgotten…