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Spotlight on Jane Ashford
Author Spotlight / February 12, 2013

Beloved, best selling author Jane Ashford is back with her first new Regency romance in over ten years!   Visit Jane Ashford   Who says second chances aren’t possible? Sourcebooks February 2013 On Sale: February 1, 2013 Featuring: Charlotte Rutherford Wylde; Sir Alec Wylde 416 pages ISBN: 1402276729 EAN: 9781402276729 Kindle: B009RXJ2ZA Paperback / e-Book Add to Wish List Amazon Barnes and Noble Books-A-Million Powell’s Books Sourcebooks Indigo / Chapters Local Independent Bookstore Widowhood will change Charlotte Wyld’s life forever.   When Charlotte Wylde loses a husband she never loved, she becomes entangled in a family she never knew he had.  Ashford’s intriguing new historical, Once Again a Bride, has been included on Publishers Weekly‘s Spring 2013 Top Ten List (romance category)! You can discover this enthralling book now—and then preorder reissues of Ashford’s beloved backlist titles—Man of Honour (available September 2013), The Three Graces (available October 2013) and The Marriage Wager (available November 2013). Don’t miss another chance to find out why Ashford’s stories leave Regency romance fans swooning! Praise for ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE “A near-perfect example of everything that makes this genre an escapist joy to read: unsought love triumphs despite difficult circumstances, unpleasantness is resolved and…

Fresh Pick | MY COWBOY VALENTINE by Jane Porter, Tanya Michaels
Fresh Pick / February 12, 2013

February 2013 On Sale: February 6, 2013 ISBN: 0373754426 EAN: 9780373754427 Kindle: B009YF5AYS Paperback / e-Book Add to Wish List  Romance Buy at An American duo of Valentine stories My Cowboy Valentine by Jane Porter, Tanya Michaels 2 Stories in 1 A Kiss From A Cowboy… Be Mine, Cowboy by Jane Porter Years ago, Rachel James gave Cade King an ultimatum, and he walked. Heartbroken, Rachel moved on. Life is tough as a single mom, but Rachel is doing just fine. Now Cade’s back after burning up the rodeo circuit, and things are different. He’s sober, but with one burning regret. He has some work to do to show Rachel he’s changed-but he’s up to the challenge. Hill Country Cupid by Tanya Michaels Tess knows what young Bailey Calhoun wants: a mom. So when she sees shy cowboy Nick Calhoun giving someone the eye, Tess goes into full matchmaking mode. Nick is happy to have Tess’s help…but her matchmaking backfires. How can he convince his cupid that she’s the one he wants? Previous Picks

Inara Scott | Keeping Category Fresh—It’s all about the Characters
Author Guest / February 12, 2013

“Give me something that’s the same—but different.” Sounds impossible, right? Well, it’s not. At least, I hope it’s not. Because that’s exactly what a category romance writer has to do. We have to take fake fiancées, ugly ducklings, and romance with best friends’ brothers and make it fresh. In today’s market, this is arguably harder than ever. It was one thing to make a marriage of convenience story work when people actually got married for convenience. But in the twenty-first century? How do you convince readers today to believe in the magic you’re weaving? How do you draw readers into the familiar love story and yet serve them something that’s up to date and contemporary? I can’t speak for every category writer, but for me, the best way to keep category fresh is to start with the characters, not the trope. For me, the friends-to-lovers, marriage of convenience, or fake fiancée story line must be secondary to the characters I’m creating. My hero and heroine have to be real people with flaws, dreams, and vulnerabilities. My readers don’t fall in love with plots, they fall in love with people. So that’s where I start. Once I’ve got my characters, I…

Cat Adams | The Power of Imagination
Author Guest / February 12, 2013

I don’t remember whose slogan that was, but it is a good one. When I was little I didn’t sleep much. My parents gave me a bedtime, tucked me in, sometimes read to me. I was supposed to go to sleep. If they heard me moving around I got in trouble. But I couldn’t sleep. So I lay on my back, listening to the television in the other room, imagining the action. The heroes were valiant (and handsome), the women beautiful and good (women weren’t valiant very often back then as I recall. Things have changed.) Years later I saw those movies. I was SO disappointed. The images in my mind were so much better. I think that’s why so often readers are disappointed when their favorite book is made into a movie. They’ve imagined these wonderful people and worlds, and while the actors may do a fine job, and the director, producers and other filmmakers work hard to make the imaginary world come to life, they just can’t match the power of a human imagination. There are exceptions, of course. But more often than not it’s “just not the same.” I’ve never had one of my books made into…