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Chefs, Cowboys, Sex Club sinners…Romance This Week
News / March 15, 2013

This week we’re offering up a healthy dose of romance in the form of hot-blooded cowboys, sensual chefs, and sex club sinners. Not necessarily in that order! ALL THE WAY   First up, Jennifer Probst‘s ALL THE WAY packs a one-two punch in the form of one fired-up, sexy, Italian chef and an unrealized love that got away: What is it about chefs… Food critic Miranda Storme gave up on ever seeing Gavin Luciano again. Nor did she actually want to, not after their steamy, intense affair ended before it could begin three years ago–when he bolted. Now he’s back and Miranda has the pleasure of offering the restaurateur a little well deserved payback…in the form of a scathing review of his restaurant. After all, what is it they say about revenge? Revenge is a dish best served…the first chance you get! Gavin has three months to turn his family’s struggling Italian restaurant around and make it a success. A bad review is his worst nightmare come true. But, Gavin knows this isn’t just about a failed meal, and knows what he must do. Realizing his mistakes, Gavin is determined to spend the next eight weeks proving himself to Miranda…

Alexis Morgan | Just who is in the driver’s seat?
Author Guest / March 15, 2013

Here’s a little secret about me and my writing:  when it comes to how my stories unfold, I’m not always the one with my hands firmly on the steering wheel. What’s more, I like it that way. Yes, I know just how crazy that sounds, but that doesn’t make it any less true. When I sit down to start a book, at the most all I’ve written is a short summary of how I envision the story unfolding. This synopsis is only about seven or eight double-spaced pages long. Considering my final manuscript will top out at around 380 pages, there’s a lot of room for new ideas and even new characters to pop into the flow of the story. While true for all of my books, it was definitely true when I wrote HER KNIGHT’S QUEST. I knew Duncan, the hero, would be travelling alone to a distant abbey. I knew the heroine, Lady Lavinia, would be there. But starting out, I didn’t know anything about the sisters who lived there–not even their names. I was aware there was a young girl living at the abbey, but I didn’t know why and certainly never expected to have Sarra play…